Monday, July 7, 2008

FDA Schmeff-DA

The HPV vaccine (which can prevent cervical cancer in women) is currently under scrutiny as potentially causing severe side effects, including nausea, paralysis and death.

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I'm disheartened, but not surprised. Americans seem to think that if the FDA approves something, it must be OK. The truth of the matter is that the FDA is most likely leading us all to early graves.

Take Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH). The hormone is used in feed for cows, to both increase meat and milk production. The problem is that this hormone is found in the milk we drink, and has been linked to serious health problems in both the animals that are being treated with the *synthetic* hormone and humans. (And for those who are disgusted and/or creeped out by eating genetically modified foods ... if you drink milk, you're drinking something genetically modified unless it's certified organic or soy.) By serious health problems, I'm talking cancer.

Due to both health reasons and my general outrage of how this synthetic hormone affects the animals it's inject into, I only drink soy milk (or milk straight from the farm.) Just like I only eat free-range chickens. (Imagine 1,000 chickens shoved in your bathroom ... those are the living conditions in many mass market chicken houses. And again, they're injected with tons of hormones that aren't found naturally in any living creature.)

For anyone who thinks the FDA has a firm grip on our food and drug industries, I encourage you to read "The Jungle" (pre-FDA) and "Fast Food Nation" (how most of our food sources come to be, not just McDonald's.) I realize both of those books deal mainly with the food industry, but I think realizing how shabbily the food industry is treated is eye-opening to how they must test the drugs they shill to all Americans.

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