Tuesday, June 17, 2008

why you shouldn't vote for mccain

I'm currently working on the editorial part of one of our in-house magazines, and one of my stories involves certain stances that the presidential candidates are taking on certain issues.

The issue is a little obscure (except not really), and Obama has a frickin' nine page plan on his Web site. I must say, this is why Democrats aren't taken very seriously ... we're all pomp and no action. (I say 'we' because I am a registered Democrat, which shouldn't be confused with my political leanings.) But still, it was very helpful for my purpose. The media kit was easy to find as well, and again, helpful.

McCain had nothing on the issue, so I had to actually contact his communications/media department. No biggie. So I dial the # that is provided on his Web site. It rings ... rings ... rings.

What sounds like a surly teenage girl picks up the phone. (His daughter? Ha! I kid.) "McCain headquarters."

I explain what I need and she provides me with an E-mail address. "When is your deadline?"

I tell her. Keep in mind, this was three weeks ago and my deadline was yesterday. "Oh, we should definitely be able to accommodate that. Just put that in your E-mail."

Fine. We hang up, I shoot off an E-mail.

I believe it was the next day (again, this is three weeks ago) when I received an E-mail back. The gist? "Thanks for your request! We'll get to this in a timely manner."

A week goes by and I send off another E-mail. No response to that.

Another week goes by and I send off ANOTHER E-mail, this time a little bit pushier. No response.

Yesterday (deadline!), I send an urgent E-mail, blatantly saying that yes, I have Obama's side and we need to make this a fair and balanced piece.

I get an E-mail today (past deadline!) telling me that they receive too many requests from media outlets and won't be able to accommodate my request. But if I need their help in the future, please let them know. (!!!)

Gee, thanks. My story's going to look great with an entire full page of Obama statements and a page with some McCain pictures and canned copy.

I hope some stupid teenager that thinks s/he's got the job of a lifetime of working on McCain's campaign is told to Google his name, and this pops up, and they read how McCain's communications staff can kiss my McAss. Seriously, this makes me wonder about the "liberal" media ... maybe the media is "liberal" because the frickin' Republican party doesn't (can't?) get their information together!


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