Saturday, May 31, 2008

two months later and how have things changed

Sorry for the lack of posting, but I have a couple of good reasons.

1) I have a new job. That's right, I left the newspaper biz and am now working in public relations. I'm still a writer, but with a much wider variety ... some days I'm stuck writing reports for the boss, other days I'm covering major events for one of our in-house magazines we produce, and other days I'm writing commercials and billboard advertisements. I feel like not only will this job allow me to expand my repertoire and to build my contact database, but it will also allow me a little bit more personal time to ... you guessed it ... work on my novel. I want to get it finished by September/October so I can spend the final days of 2008 looking desperately for a publisher.

2) I moved. With a new job comes a new place. I now work in Atlanta, 1.5 hours away from my home, my sanctuary. I miss the mountains. I'd rather take the smell of chicken shit in the air over the heaviness of the smog and pollution. I'd rather drive 90 on a curvy mountain road than go 10 in I-75 traffic. And I'd rather be close to my parents and my childhood friends. But unfortunately to have the career that I want, I'm just not going to find it in my comfort zone.

So I'm sad, but I also love, love, LOVE my new apartment. The buildings are approximately 30 years old, meaning they're a bit more sturdily built than the IKEA particle board creation of my old apartment. I have a sun room. It's a cute little place that fits my personality and my dog's personality perfectly.

Hopefully I can pick up a couple of freelance gigs along with getting my book published within a relatively short time frame (1-2 years) ... and then the goal will be to either start writing for television or more major publications.

So ... that's what has been new with me. I'll be posting more regularly. I'm still not sure if I want to take this blog through a more professional route or if I want to keep it strictly personal, but however it goes, I'm back and I'm writing.

Stay in touch.

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