Thursday, March 20, 2008

london calling

There are a lot of things to do in London, things that can't even begin to truly be accomplished in a one week period of time. Of course, I have to do the touristy things during my first trip, but I also want to blend in and truly experience London like those who live there.

So here are some of my picks for what I definitely *have* to do:

1) Tower of London

2) Westminster Abbey

3) British Museum (Is this it? They have so many museums, I get them confused. I want to go see the Rosetta Stone.)

4) British Library

5) Buckingham Palace/Clarence House/Kensington Palace (Basically, where the royals live.)

6) Harrod's

7) National Gallery

8) Trafalgar Square (Notting Hill, anyone?)

9) Downing Street (If only Hugh Grant were the prime minister ... )

10) A walking tour of "Jack the Ripper's London"

11) London Eye (If I can conquer my fear of heights)

12) Shakespeare's Globe Theater (Along with catching one of the Bard's plays in action.)

13) London Dungeon

14) Natural History Museum (I know I am no longer five years old or Ross Gellar, but I do love me some dinosaur skeletons.)

15) Madame Tussaud's

I need more thoughts/suggestions.

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