Friday, March 14, 2008

it's friday!

Let's see, it was supposed to rain today with a high near 74. With that in mind, I wore my knee-length purple paisley dress with flat white sandals and short, fluttering sleeves.

It is raining, but is nowhere near 74 (probably closer to 50). I feel so let down (and cold).

I'm ready for tomorrow because I'm setting aside the entire weekend to redecorate my bedroom. Plans include purchasing a new bed (from frame to mattress set to linens), finding a vanity, and finding some sort of seating arrangement for the one corner near the window where I have my magazines and chick lit books stacked up. Organizing my closet (and dresser) are also on the list of priorities. How much of this will actually get done this weekend is still up in the air, but my hopes are high.

I'm just beginning to quite seriously plan for my upcoming London trip. I already know I'll be going during the darkest, dreariest month (January - the weather might not be pleasant, but $400 RT tickets can't be beat!), and I already have some idea where I'll be staying (a charming flat either near Buckingham or Kensington ... I get to choose, all for $100 an evening). I want to do the touristy scene, but am trying to find where the true Londoners go.

My only fear is that I'll fall desperately in love - with either the city or a British man with Hugh Grant's accent and Colin Firth's looks - and that once my "vacation" is over, life will always be a bit dimmer.

Depressing, non?

So when I take a lunch break (when I wrap up this post, actually), I'm heading to the library for further reading material. And that is how I shall spend this weekend ... decorating the bedroom and planning a great trip.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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